Creator. Storyteller. Changemaker.

Hi! I’m Jeremy Brown.

I’m the Founder of Changemaker Studios, a parent organization I started to house my passion projects.

I’m most known for founding Startups Give Back, an organization that’s on a mission to make philanthropy a top priority for companies, and Social Impact World, a private community for social impact leaders that’s on a mission to turn the corporate world into a force for good.

I’m also on the Board of Directors for Sea Hugger, a California-based nonprofit that’s combating pollution in our oceans. In addition, I advise social entrepreneurs solving important problems, and invest in tech companies that make every day life easier.

Beyond my work in the social impact and nonprofit sectors, I’ve spent my entire career in the technology industry helping high-growth startups scale. 

These are just some of my professional highlights. As the old saying goes, every person has a story. This is mine.

Featured In

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San Francisco Business Times
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