My name is Jeremy Brown. Here’s a quick summary of my professional career.

In 2014, I founded Startups Give Back to make philanthropy a top priority for startups rather than an afterthought. I’ve been fortunate to work with some amazing startups and larger enterprise like Uber, LinkedIn, and Salesforce.

Since 2014, I’ve launched several brands alongside Startups Give Back that focus on elevating social entrepreneurship (Changemaker Forum) and turning the corporate world into a force for good (Social Impact World).

Beyond launching brands and working on projects, I’m also an angel investor in several startups, an advisor, podcaster, writer, and tech marketer.

Cliff notes — “Who is Jeremy Brown?”

Events I’ve been a part of or are currently part of

  • Startups Give Back volunteering events
  • Breaking into Social Impact (host/moderator)
  • Changemaker Forum Live (host)
  • Startup Philanthropy: The Benefits of Embedding Social Impact Early On (speaker/moderator)
  • Ctrl, Alt, Delete Hate (speaker)
  • SF Tech4Good x2 (speaker)
  • Epic Foundation + Startups Give Back event (speaker)
  • Net Impact Conference (speaker/moderator)
  • Interop conference (speaker)
  • TEDx Livermore (volunteer)
  • You can also catch me at various startup, marketing, and tech meetups around the San Francisco Bay Area

Websites I’ve written for, articles I’ve been quoted in, and more

Jeremy Brown