Content Marketing Consultant

Accelerating the Growth of B2B Startups Through Content Marketing

As a content marketing consultant with over seven years of experience, I’ve led and supported content efforts at high-growth B2B startups in a variety of industries. From strategy to execution, I have a track record for helping companies generate high quality leads that lead to closed business and increased thought leadership. 

There are 3 key areas I can help you: content strategy, content analysis, and website copy. 


Content Strategy and Execution

Short-term or long-term fill in for content marketing roles. Holistic content strategy that includes editorial calendar, SEO strategy, and distribution plan that’s optimized for lead generation. 

Content Analysis and Tracking

Analysis of current content initiatives to find gaps and opportunities. Ongoing tracking of performance and optimization for organic search.

Landing Page Copywriting and Optimization

Strategic landing page copy that converts viewers into leads, and leads into closed business.

What Some of My Peers Have to Say

"Jeremy is not only a skilled storyteller, but he's also an all around good person. Working with Jeremy was easy because I always knew that he would do what it takes to achieve company goals. His resourcefulness and attitude give him the strength to bring the right people together to accomplish great things. Jeremy's content brought in endless amounts of relevant leads and traffic that combined with our demand gen efforts filled the sales pipeline with high-quality leads - accounting for 65% of deals closed month-over-month. Jeremy's a content star that I hope to work with again in the future."
John Ledoux
Demand Generation Consultant
"Jeremy's energy is contagious. He has one of the most positive and engaging attitudes I've ever had the pleasure of working with. At Gild, Jeremy was our go to content marketing guru and keeper of our website. Jeremy is incredibly self driven and passionate in his work - and it shows. Our social media at Gild before Jeremy was basically nonexistent, and if you check it out today, that's all thanks to his work and due diligence in keeping our users engaged."
Alina Wright
Product Manager, Pivotal Labs
"In terms of social content, social understanding, and the ability to engage others with written and expressive material, Jeremy is one of a kind. Jeremy is the type of colleague that beats you into the office every morning and makes you feel bad for staying later than you as well every day/night. As one of the Sales Leaders at Gild, I always knew Jeremy was an integral part of driving leads that turned to real opportunities, and real customers. He had an amazing ability to integrate the sales and marketing team members to form a closer relationship that lead to more success and ARR growth. I highly recommend Jeremy in any endeavor he takes on and know for a fact he will succeed for himself and your organization."
Andrew Smith-Garzon
Enterprise Team, Uber

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