Marketing Strategies for Small Business Entrepreneurs on a Budget

No marketing background? No budget for full-time marketers? No problem. Let’s take your business to the next level.


The Three Step Marketing Strategy


“In terms of social content, social understanding, and the ability to engage others with written and expressive material, Jeremy is one of a kind. Jeremy is the type of colleague that beats you into the office every morning and makes you feel bad for staying later than you as well every day/night. As one of the Sales Leaders at Gild, I always knew Jeremy was an integral part of driving leads, that turned to real opportunities, and real customers. He had an amazing ability to integrate the sales and marketing team members to form a closer relationship that lead to more success and ARR growth. I highly recommend Jeremy in any endeavor he takes on and know for a fact he will succeed for himself and your organization.”
Andrew Smith-Garzón, Senior Account Executive


“Jeremy is not only a skilled storyteller, but he’s also an all around good person. Working with Jeremy was easy because I always knew that he would do what it takes to achieve company goals. His resourcefulness and attitude give him the strength to bring the right people together to accomplish great things. Jeremy’s content brought in endless amounts of relevant leads and traffic that combined with our demand gen efforts filled the sales pipeline with high-quality leads – accounting for 65% of deals closed month-over-month. Jeremy’s a content star that I hope to work with again in the future.”
John Ledoux, Demand Generation Consultant
Ledoux Consulting


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